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Hemp Seeds
Mongolian Hemp Seeds 500grms
Price: $30.00
Leadlight Merkaba
STAR OF MERKABA, Mer means light, Ka means spirit, Ba means body. The Merkaba balances and revives the activities between the two sides of our brain. Such training strengthens our sensitivities and mental abilities. The Merkaba assists us in our spiritual growth. It connects us with our higher self and can be "programmed" to do anything (the only drawback being our own belief and imagination). It gives the possibility of creating any kind of harmonious reality we desire. The Merkaba is also a tool that can be used to transcend into other dimensions. Revived studies and practice of the Merkaba today are emerging all over the world after many years of being suppressed from different sources including the Old Testament, Kabala and even the traditional Tarot cards. Within the first week of gestation it is said that our form is that of eight cells, the shape of the Merkaba. Having it in our home automatically balances our body, mind and spirit to assist us to resonate with the purest part of our being that was present at time of conception. The Merkaba can be used as a tool to assist in meditation or simply a piece of art to bring beauty into your home. When placed in a sunny position the double beveled class will capture the suns rays and shine stunning spheres of dancing rainbow light into your home.
Price: $280.00
Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Guidance gives you insight into all areas of your life. Spiritual Guidance = Freedom Spiritual Healing can support you with stress, trauma, shock depression. Spiritual Healing = Peace of mind, clarity, freedom
Price: $80.00

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